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Trinidad Carnival 2017 Review

Maracas Bay, Trinidad

I finally lost my virginity and went to Trinidad Carnival! I’ve visited several smaller carnivals (including St Lucia and Crop Over) but life wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Mecca, Trinidad!

Our holiday got off to a great start when we nearly missed our flight. I had to barge past kids, aunties and grandmas because that flight was not missing me!

Memorable Fetes

After spending two days on Maracas Beach eating Bake & Shark (carnival diet out the window) and running errands, it was time to fete.

Richard's Bake N Shark

I’m not usually a fan of performances but TRIBE Ignite was lit. I was lit. We started with pre-drinks at the boy’s apartment which continued down the Avenue and arrived during Kes’s performance. After that I couldn’t tell you what happened, all I know is our crew had the most vibes. Classic example of making your own fun in life…

We nearly missed Bright Colours and Coolers Boat Ride after our antics at Ignite. God bless the lady who gave me a saltfish bread roll that sobered me up and prepared me for more drinking! Although the boat lacked eye candy, it was full of vibes. I definitely had a great time and learnt that it doesn’t have to be all inclusive to be fun.

Soca Brainwash 2017 Street Style

Photo credit: adornamicaribbean.org

Soca Brainwash was my chance to show up and show out in all white. I rolled up in swimwear and a kaftan with my front outta door because why not?! The food and alcohol flowed freely, with my poison of choice being Pure White and Appleton. The riddim section at the end of the night was one of the highlights because Lord knows we weren’t ready to go home!Soca Brainwash Heaven 2017

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to a breakfast fete on Sunday as I came down with the flu. I was gutted, but I had to live to see the road Monday and Tuesday!


J’ouvert is my favourite part of carnival because it’s first taste of the road and you can get on bad. We experienced the smoothest, easiest pick up ever with Dirty Dozen and had a great road experience. We arrived early enough for the pre-party to drink before we hit the road. I never walk with an empty cup so you know I was drinking Puncheon from the house!

Dirty Dozen J'ouvert

I lived for when they started playing jab in the early morning because when the sun came up I saw nothing but abs covered in paint and dutty behaviour! The eye candy levels were out of this world, Jennie and I were very impressed…

We made it right to the end for the breakfast where I sat in the grass like a sad lady until I heard the magic words…water. Nothing makes me happier than water in a fete; suddenly I found a new lease of life jumping up in the water.

On The Road with TRIBE

On Monday, we didn’t meet the band until lunchtime, but I was itching to show off my incredible Monday Wear designed by AlfredoWear. I loved my Monday Wear…more than my costume on Tuesday. The colour really popped against my skin and it fit like a glove. I’m just waiting for that opportunity to wear it again! The vibes were incredible, I passed by a few of the endless music trucks but distinctly remember the vibes behind truck 4. Once again I was impressed with the men (and women) who took time with their carnival bodies, there was eye candy everywhere!

Trinidad Carnival Monday Wear by Alfredo

Carnival Tuesday was almost a complete disaster for me: I didn’t get my custom collar and no tights which meant no thong! I was literally gluing gems to my front on Tuesday morning! I learnt two valuable lessons – never stray from Carnivalista and bring tights in your case. Despite feeling naked without feathers, I had the best time! My crew almost declared me missing before lunch, only to find out I was still on the stage! #WeJamminStill

Tribe Winterberry, Trinidad Carnival 2017

I regret not taking more pics, but I had an absolute blast! We made it all the way to last lap where I touched Usain Bolt’s arm for a pic before security swotted me away. The TRIBE experience is seamless from registration to the road, security was tight and the band had vibes – why can’t life mas always be this easy?

I was sad to see carnival go, but at least we still had Tobago to look forward too…


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