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Travel Bucket List 2016

Travel is one of my greatest passions in life, and I’ve been lucky enough to have visited some amazing destinations so far.

My goal is to see (almost) the entire world and thirty countries by thirty. Here’s my condensed travel bucket list of experiences that I’m dying to tick off!

Countries and Cities


Brazil has been on my bucket list for years, particularly Rio and Salvador de Bahia. In an ideal world, I would spend a month exploring the entire country.


Cartagena looks absolutely stunning! My cousin has been several times and her photos give me severe envy every time. South America is the only continent of interest that I have yet to visit and I’m keen to change that.


I’d like to visit either/or, or both! This has become the ubiquitous destination for bloggers, but it still looks like a beautiful destination.


Tokyo and Okinawa are two places that I’m really keen to visit. Asia is definitely my favourite continent so far as it’s lightyears ahead of London in many ways.


If anyone can help me decided between Stockholm and Gothenburg, it would be much appreciated! I’m not sure where this sudden obsession has come from (must be the Scandi style trend) but Sweden is now on my shortlist of places to visit.

Landmarks and Sights of Interest

Brazil – The Christ

My obsession began when I saw the Christ of Havana in Cuba and thought ‘wow, I have to see Christ The Redeemer now’.

The Pyramids

I think this speaks for itself. Unfortunately, it’s another one of those destinations that have slipped further down my list of plans, but it’s definitely one that I need to make a reality.


Trinidad Carnival

The Mecca of all carnivals. There isn’t much more to be said other than the fact that I’ve postponed this trip for long enough.

Playing Jab in Grenada

Grenada looks like it has the best j’ouvert in the world. Nothing is sweeter than j’ouvert, so obviously this is high up on my to-do list, not to mention Grenada is one of my favourite islands.

Ski Trip

This seemed like a pretty cool idea when we were in the Dubai Desert. I hate cold weather and I have yet to learn to ski, but I think it would be a great experience with my friends.

Northern Lights

Another random idea that came about whilst in Dubai; I’d love to see this rare occurrence and enjoy the unique experience.

2016 has been quiet on the travel front, but I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings…God willing!


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  1. Ricardo Da Costa
    May 6, 2019 / 12:59 PM

    Seeing the northern lights is also on my bucket list! My life would be complete

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