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Tobago 2017: Post-Carnival Madness

Store Bay, Tobago. Trinidad Carnival 2017

The original title was ‘Tobago 2017: Post-Carnival Cool Down’ because for all intents and purpose I was chilling in Tobago after carnival. However, somewhere between Last Lap and landing in Tobago I decided to fete.

Attending Candy Coated Wine Down was the best decision I made in my entire life because the fete was an absolute movie!

Ash Wednesday

I arrived at Wine Down mid-afternoon, checked my bag and cover-up, filled my cup and grabbed some food. Before you know it I’m in the sea floating in a kiddie pool whilst sipping on a deadly mixture of God knows what! Candace pays great attention to detail because Wine Down had everything you could ask for and more! The vibes were endless and the food was amazing, it’s a miracle no one drowned because there was definitely something in that water! I would love to tell you more but what happen’s in Wine Down, stays in Wine Down…

Touring Tobago

No Man's Land, Tobago. Trinidad Carnival 2017

Somehow I lived to see the next morning (albeit severely dehydrated) and made plans to explore the island. We did the glass bottom boat tour which took us to Bucoo Reef, Nylon Pool and No Man’s Land. Unfortunately, we didn’t set out until the late afternoon, so we damn near froze in Nylon Pool. It was still a great experience and we took some cool photos with the Trinidad and Tobago Rocks team. I’d definitely revisit Tobago to spend more time on the beach and do a full tour.

Farewell Fete Friday

Candy Coated Break, Tobago - Trinidad Carnival 2017

Photo credit: Fresh Flash Booth

Friday was our last day in Tobago and we decided the perfect way to say goodbye was to fete. We bought last minute tickets to Break, a food-inclusive breakfast fete, also hosted by Candy Coated. It was in the same location as Wine Down but it wasn’t Wine Down. I think everyone had run out of steam by then so it felt more like a lime then a fete. I still had a great time, the food was so good I literally perched in the shade stuffing my face with doubles and bakes.

It was sad saying goodbye to Tobago but the memories will last a lifetime!


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