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MegFabulous 2.0: The Return of the Blog

After a long hiatus due to the you-know-what, I’ve decided to revive the blog. It was never part of the plan but whilst reflecting on life, I realised that “doing more of what you love” is important. 

The past two years have been fun on a personal level and I’ve enjoyed sharing moments ad hoc without any thought toward content creation or timing. That said I have the urge to document some of those memories – mostly for my personal satisfaction but also so I can refer everyone to a static list of recommendations! 

As always, I’ll share the things I love most: food (lots of food), travel and the arts. Rather than presenting as a guide to what you should do, it’s all about what I enjoy and recommend — and trust me, I never miss. 

Above all else, it will be a place for creative expression, because every woman needs a passion project!

MF x


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