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Exploring Dubai: Travel Tips and Advice


Dubai is a popular destination for many: it's affordable to travel to and is great for a weekend getaway (depending on where you're located). I actually visited on a whim a couple of years ago when I invited myself on a friend's trip and had a blast. It's an interesting place for various reasons, especially ...

Five Things To Do In Tobago


Tobago is the place I go to continue partying after Trinidad Carnival. For me, the island is synonymous with my favourite fete, but it's actually a beautiful place to visit all year round. Although Tobago is small, there's still plenty to see and experience during your stay. I've created this list with short visits in mind, ...

48 Hours in Stockholm: Travel Guide


Stockholm is officially my favourite European city! After a spending a weekend in Swedish capital, I fell in love with the laid-back vibe and beautiful architecture and ticked another destination off my bucket list. If you're planning a weekend in Stockholm, I'd recommend staying at the Nobis Hotel in Norrmalm. Not only is the hotel centrally located, but ...