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Notting Hill Carnival 2017 Review

Notting Hill Carnival 2017 Review

I had the BEST time ever at Notting Hill Carnival this year; the sun blessed us on both days and I partied hard with my friends and dem!

Sunday had me on my worst behaviour and Monday had me pretending to be fancy in wedges. The Tabanca is real, so let’s relive my best moments on the road!

Carnival Sunday

Carnival Sunday begins with my annual tradition of Hennessy Pure White (half a bottle, minimal chaser) before hitting the road at about 2pm. The UCOM truck was long gone by the time we reached, but Sunday is carefree so it was fine. We were jamming behind several trucks but Island Mas definitely has the BEST vibes! If you’re looking for a band on carnival Sunday – dis iz d band!

Photo by ilovecarnivall.co.uk

We had to reason with security to pass judging point without a band but once we got through I took a wine on the wall as Bacchanalia/Wotless were crossing.

You have to climb something at least once during carnival, it’s only right. I was getting on bad with people’s sons and daughters the whole day. I even managed to get black paint in my mouth and climb to the top of the railings on Ladbroke Grove.

The first day of carnival is always my favourite because you can really free up and have fun. I took full advantage, giving every Dominican person a wine and utilising my non-existent Kwéyòl.

Post-Carnival fuel is essential so we ventured to a Piri Piri Chicken shop. I’ve never known chicken to taste so good,  I had to do the happy food dance with each bite. It was time to re-up and prepare for day two!

Carnival Monday with UCOM

For the third time this year I got to wear one of Alfredo’s stunning designs. Team INCA in the building! I never ever meet my band on time, but it was extra stressful chasing down the truck in wedges – never again! I was so hot and flustered by the time I reached I didn’t even take a photo in full costume!

Truck one was playing a mix of Bajan and Grenadian, I got my entire life straight away because there’s so such thing as too soon on the road.

As a die-hard backpack/collar girl, I abandoned my headpiece on the truck so I could enjoy the road.

For whatever reason we were stuck on Ladbroke Grove (the first leg of the route) for ages in virtually the same spot.

As a seasoned masquerader I wandered off to eat lunch, rested in the shade and mingled with for a bit while we remained stagnant.

Shout out to my sis who popped I champagne as we reached the bridge. By that time I was gone off Puncheon and Johnnie…living my BEST life. The road experience wasn’t as polished as last year but I honestly had a great carnival experience. The weather was nice and the vibes were sweet. Once I have my crew and liquor, I’m good.

Pop Ah Bottle, Notting Hill Carnival
Before my cup broke...

At about 8pm I got kicked off the truck as we finally reached the judging point. I was so unbothered, I crossed with the backliners in all my featherless glory – at that point I’d even lost my cup.

Notting Hill Carnival was good to me and I can’t wait to welcome new masqueraders to the road next year!

P.S. I didn’t hear Palance at all. Thank God!



  1. GT King
    August 30, 2017 / 9:54 PM

    Great post. Sounds like a great experience! I can’t wait to try it out next year. I need to cross this carnival off my list.

  2. October 4, 2017 / 8:20 PM

    Soo my only question is .. technically.. carnival sunday is jouvert? And I see you with the champange!! yass!! You’re so brave to even put puncheon to your lips! lol Loved the recap! xoxo

    • Megan
      October 4, 2017 / 8:57 PM

      Yes! All day jouvert but they supposed to be banning paint from next year onwards…
      I love meh Puncheon! Thanks for reading x

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