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Five Things To Do In Tobago

Five Things To Do In Tobago

Tobago is the place I go to continue partying after Trinidad Carnival. For me, the island is synonymous with my favourite fete, but it’s actually a beautiful place to visit all year round. Although Tobago is small, there’s still plenty to see and experience during your stay.

I’ve created this list with short visits in mind, so it’s a great guide for post-carnival visits as well as longer trips. As you would expect, there’s plenty of recommendations on where to eat!

Eat curry crab and dumpling

Curry Crab and Dumpling from Miss Jean's in Store Bay, Tobago

I’ve been to Tobago a couple of times and I always wish I could stay longer to eat more food. You can’t go to Tobago without trying curry crab and dumpling, or the many other delicious foods on offer. I usually go to Miss Jean’s in Store Bay (you’ll know because the queue is the longest) but I’ve heard good things about Miss Esmie’s and Miss Trim’s. Store Bay is the place to go for food, you can get roti, pelau, stew chicken and other local dishes in one place. There’s also ice cream and fudge if you have a sweet tooth. Just remember you have to go early because when the food is done it’s done.

Sidenote: whilst you’re in Store Bay, check out Anthea’s Treasure Trove for locally made toiletries. I’m a massive fan of the body scrubs which smell delicious and feel divine on the skin!

Another one of my favourite places to eat in Tobago is Skewers in Crown Point. This might just be the BEST Middle Eastern food I’ve ever had. Everything is cooked fresh and it’s well worth the wait; I highly recommended the fried shrimp and the grilled beef.

Fried Shrimp from Skewers in TobagoGrilled Beef and Tabouleh from Skewers in Tobago

Lastly, Chef’s BBQ is a reliable local fast-food outlet when roti skin is finished everywhere else! A meat dish with two sides is about 60TT and you can get dishes such as BBQ chicken, macaroni pie, fried rice, pigtail…the pigtail is really good actually. Next door you have Royal Castle which is another late night option. I love Royal Castle…the fries and pepper sauce are just incredible after a fete. KFC is all the way in Scarborough, but if you happen to be down there, KFC in the Caribbean is always a must!

Take a boat to Nylon Pool

No doubt you’ll be harassed sold glass bottom boat tours before you even step foot in Store Bay carpark. Having done the tour myself, I’d recommend going in the morning for the 11:30 am boats. I had the misfortune of going at 2 pm and it was cold as hell! Also, the boats vary, there are party boats and then regular (read boring) tours – choose wisely.

In addition to Nylon Pool, which is absolutely gorgeous, the tours also take you over Buccoo Reef and to No Man’s Land. This a great value tour and perfect for first timers in Tobago.

Visit Pigeon Point Heritage Park

Pigeon Point Beach, Tobago

Pigeon Point Heritage Park, better known as Pigeon Point, is the place to be in Tobago. Honestly, forget Store Bay for anything other than food and a boat to Nylon Pool. If you want to lime, head to Pigeon Point. It’s absolutely gorgeous (photos don’t do it justice) and you can eat and drink until well after sundown. The jetty (featured image) also happens to be one of the most photographed spots on the island.

Hike to Argyle Waterfall

Argyle Waterfalls, Tobago

I have to credit my sister for doing her research and suggesting this on our most recent trip. I have to warn you though, Argyle Waterfall is far. It’s all the way in Roxborough which is about an hours drive from Crown Point, but it’s worth it.

You can go with a tour guide or just follow the path. We hiked by ourselves in slippers (jelly sandals) because we had a flight to catch. The trail is easy to follow but I’d recommend more suitable footwear – and watch out for the snakes lol! The water is pretty deep at the deepest point, so swim at your own risk, but there are also shallower parts where you can take a quick dip. Again, pics don’t really do it justice. I could have happily sat on the rocks all day and enjoyed the ambience.

Go to Sunday School

I never stay in Tobago until Sunday, but everyone tells me Sunday School is the place to be. It’s a street party in Buccoo held every Sunday night, with food and drink. Unfortunately, I can’t share my personal experience, but as with all street parties, I’d recommend being vigilant and safe whilst having fun.

I’m always sad to leave Tobago because it means carnival is really over, but I look forward to revisiting and indulging in more food!


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  1. June 24, 2019 / 8:24 PM

    I haven’t been to Tobago myself, but after reading your post I will be sure to add to my list.

    Thank you for sharing.

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