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Birthday Girl: Things I’ve Learnt In The Past Year

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What a difference a year makes! It’s Leo season and I’m celebrating my birthday…my real birthday. It’s custom to acknowledge both the calendar year and your birthday as ‘new beginnings’ – something I rarely do. This year I took the time to reflect on the things I’ve learnt in the past year and the things I want to achieve going forward. Here’s my list of reflections (in no particular order):

Shoot your shot!

At work, in your love life and everything else. Honestly, just go for it!

What is for you will not pass you

This classic phrase will always ring true. Sometimes we feel like we miss out on opportunities not realising that something better is around the corner. Keep going until you get everything you deserve.

Healing takes time…

Whatever you’re going through, ignore the concept of neat, tidy time-frames. There’s no formula or shortcut to recovery. Which leads me to my next thought…

Joy comes in the morning

Another cliché that rings true. As someone who has suffered with insomnia and anxiety, the relief that literally comes with waking up feeling better is incredible.

A regular sleeping pattern is important

The iOS Bedtime feature is a life saver! Aside from being able to track your sleeping habits, it offers a wider choice of alarms. I love the ‘early riser’ alarm which gently wakes me out of my sleep and is easy on the ears.

I need both analog and digital tools stay organised

I work in a digital world but swear by analog tools. I rely on a combination of: my moleskine notebook, passion planner and iCal to stay organised. I’m a big fan of apps and productivity tools, but nothing beats going back to basics and writing things down!

Focus >>> Multi-tasking

You run the risk of spreading yourself thin by trying to everything at once. By focusing on no more than three tasks at a time (although one is preferable) I’m a lot more efficient. Don’t believe the hype – it’s okay to have just one main focus.

Be flexible and remain open to new opportunities

I understand why planning is important, but I hate it. It’s good to have a clear sense of direction and know what you want in life, but incredible things can happen when you say ‘yes’ to the unexpected. Don’t be afraid to revise your goals and change paths as you go along.

Budgeting is important

This is obvious, but even after you’ve taken care of essentials (bills, savings etc.) it’s easy to spend away your disposable income on crap. I’ve spent so much (unnecessary) money on Uber and food that would have been better spent elsewhere like flights and feathers…you know the things that really matter in life.

Goodbyes are hard, but not that hard…

I struggle with letting go, but I’m learning to get on with it. Just go ahead and rip the plaster off!

I could be my own body goals if I remained consistent in the gym

Self-explanatory. I go hard for three months, see results then fall off due to injury or some other setback. I’ll never give up though, instead I’ll tweak my workouts and routines until it sticks. I won’t know how to act right when that day comes, I’m warning you from now!

Don’t let the naysayers fool you, the party life is fun!

Some of my best memories this year involve being drunk and carefree. Not because I’m a vagrant with no ambition, but because I’m human and understand there’s a time and place for everything. Also carnival is an undeniable form of self-care that I will defend til the very end!

Give thanks for life every morning!

With all the madness in the world it’s truly a blessing to wake up every morning. Never take this for granted.


*The stunning photo featured was taking during my recent flight to Stockholm!


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