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Best Hotels

Infinity Pool at the Lokha Ubud, Bali

Hotels are a big part of the travel experience for me. I’m a sucker for amazing bathrooms (especially outdoor tubs/showers) and sexy, dark hallways. Rather than share reviews of each and every hotel I’ve stayed at, I’ve curated a list of the ones I love most and would revisit in a heartbeat. 

Each hotel on the list possesses the following qualities: well located, good service and a gorgeous bathroom. I like hotels that have a unique ‘quirk’ which is why I lean toward boutique hotels rather than chains. The hotels below range from 3-5 star but each property listed provides a memorable experience.

Europe Hotels

Nobis Hotel, Stockholm 

The Nobis has everything I love in a hotel: dark hallways, rainfall showers with high pressure, plush towels and robes, great service and location. A cool quirk that I also love is that the hotel is housed in a former bank where the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ derived from. You can even visit the vault via the Acne store next door.

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Asia Hotels

Lloyd’s Inn, Singapore 

Hands down one of the coolest hotels I’ve stayed in. Lloyd’s Inn is a cute, minimalist boutique hotel a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road. The service is great and I recommend it as an inexpensive but good hotel in Singapore. It’s a prime example of a 3* hotel which outshines many hotels with a higher rating. The outdoor rainfall shower and the pool are my key highlights.

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Eastern & Oriental, Penang, Malaysia

I only have one word for this hotel: stunning! I stayed in the Victory Annexe (there are two wings) and loved the spacious suite with twin sinks, roll top bath and sea views from the balcony. They also have one of the most luxurious robes I’ve ever wanted to steal worn. The infinity pool on the sixth floor is heavenly as are the lychee martinis, I would visit Penang again for this hotel alone! Another cool perk is the complimentary drinks and light refreshments served daily in the Planters Lounge.

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United States Hotels

The Ludlow Hotel, New York

The Ludlow Hotel is best described as ‘laidback cool’. It’s Lower East Side location (opposite Katz Deli) is perfect for those who want to explore Soho and other areas in Downtown Manhattan. I love the amenities (Margiela robes and Marvis toothpaste), deep bathtubs and spacious bathroom counters. Also, the staff are super friendly and are always there to help. This would be my first choice when visiting New York.

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I’ll continue adding to this list as I go along!


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